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Pizza Hut PL

Pizza Hut is a restaurant suitable for all occasions - excellent, varied menu combined with pleasant and friendly atmosphere makes this place perfect not only for informal coffee break or business lunch, but also for a late dinner with friends or family.

Pizza Hut does not only stand for pizza. The restaurant’s offer surprises with a diversity of dishes and unique harmony of flavours at the same time. In Pizza Hut everybody can find something special, like delicious pastas combined with different sauces at the discretion or dishes straight from the oven, as well as a wide range of salads and desserts. Also, Pizza Hut has something special for all classic Pizza Hut flavour’s enthusiasts - very well known Pan Pizza made of characteristic, fluffy dough and Pizza Neapolitana based on specially thin dough - both in wide flavour range.

Pizza Hut has been present in Poland for more than 17 years. Today, Pizza Hut’s menu just as fine interior are designed with an exceptional care and accuracy. Wooden, natural furniture, cozy, light couches, warm colours and music that suits the time of the day - all these things contribute to the unique guests’ experience, not only in the area of tastes and scents, but also when it comes to esthetical impressions.

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